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History of the Local

IATSE Local 127 has been serving the Dallas entertainment community since 1906. Around the turn of the century the Local began providing stagehands for live theatrical events staged in the theaters.

As Vaudeville, Burlesque and Motions Pictures industries evolved, IATSE Local 127 provided the technicians for these crafts.

During the evolution of the entertainment industry, Local 127 continued to provide local technicians for concert events, industrial shows, conventions, and live stage presentations in the Dallas area.

Local 127 has had a long partnership with many of the arts groups in the Dallas community. We are proud that our local technicians have staged Broadway's most ambitious traveling productions at both the Music Hall and the Majestic theaters for many years. We are equally proud to be associated with one of the finest opera companies in the world, the Dallas Opera. The Local has also had a long and successful affiliation with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Dallas Summer Musicals.

In the world of industrial shows we crew one of the most prestigious productions annually, Mary Kay Cosmetics, at the Dallas Convention Center. Other industrial events that we have crewed include Coldwell Banker, Sally Beauty, Home Interiors, McDonald's, I.B.M, Microsoft, State Farm Insurance and many more.

We can also say that our personnel have provided their skills for many of the Rock and Roll events staged in Dallas at the Reunion Arena, Starplex Amphitheater, Dallas Convention Center, Majestic Theater, Music Hall, Texas Stadium and Cotton Bowl. Local 127's technicians have worked on many stadium productions over the years, including the Texas Jams, Garth Brooks, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, and the Who, to name a few.

The audio visual industry also utilizes our technicians for events staged at the convention facilities and hotels in the Dallas area. We have crewed AV events requiring as few as two, and as many as 70 technicians. Our technicians have been utilized by AVW, Bauer, Total AV, Sound and Stagecraft, J & S Audio Visual, and other companies when they stage events in our market.

We insure our personnel and employers that safety is a primary concern to us. We teach a course in theater safety and impress on our technicians the need to practice safety at the workplace.

Through training and education, we keep our technicians acquainted with the changing state of the art in the industry. We offer classes in basic stagecraft, as well as, advanced courses for our technicians in lighting, sound, carpentry, rigging, and audio visual.

A safe work place, decent working conditions and a decent wage are our fundamental concerns for our workers. We always strive to provide our employers with the services they desire.

We ensure that the proper insurance is in place and make certain that our employers and employees comply with all federal and state requirements asked of them.

We also require all personnel that we refer to comply with our Alcohol and Drug Policy which the Local oversees and enforces.

Value per dollar, Local 127 is the place to go for staging technicians in the Dallas area!